Steward Submission Form

If you would lilke to volunteer for one of our conventions, please fill in the form below:
If you’re successful, we will be in contact with you shortly before the event to gather your emergency contact details.

By completing the above application, you agree for GoodGeek Events to store your information on file for sole use by GoodGeek Events. GoodGeek Events will not pass your personal information over to any partners and all personal information will remain secure.

Stewarding FAQ’s.

1. Do I need a ticket to be able to steward?
Yes, you will need to be attending the convention to volunteer to steward. However, you are still entitled to collect all the extras that are included in your ticket and also have the ability to purchase any extras.
2. How long do I have to steward for?
You can steward for half a day or the full 3 days, that’s completely your choice! When applying we will ask for your preferred working times and at the event we will ask if you have anything booked in that we need to make allowances for.
3. What will I be doing?
There are a variety of different roles within the convention that will be covered. From assisting people in the Talk Hall to helping queue people in the photo studios. Please note that you may note that you may not be placed within the area of preference.
4. What time do we finish?
We finish when the event finishes. If, for whatever reason, we are running over, we ask that you stay just that little bit longer. We will also do a full debrief of the weekend on the Sunday after the closing ceremony, which you are all entitled to attend as there should be nothing happening at the same time as this, just to thank you all for your hard work.
5. This is my first time as a steward. What can I expect?
The day starts at 08:00 with a team briefing in the main talk hall where you will be given instructions on what you will be doing for the day and issued with a steward lanyard and t-shirt. We will also introduce you to your team leader at this point, so when the briefing is over, you can follow them straight to your area. If you have any questions about anything going on over the weekend, please don’t be afraid to ask. We all started somewhere.
6. I want to sit with a guest, is this guaranteed?
Unfortunately the answer to that is no. Our more experienced staff members will be doing this. However, there is always a chance to move through the ranks and become a staff member in the future.
7. What is the age limit for being a steward?
16 years old.
8. What is the dress code?
Something comfortable. We will issue you with a steward t-shirt on the day.
9. I have bought a photo op ticket but I’ve been picked to steward. Can I still get my photo op?
Of course you can! Just inform your section head that you have a photo op and that you need to leave for a few minutes. You must show your steward/staff lanyard to be able to skip to the front of the queues.
10. Can I still get autographs off other guests
As you have bought a ticket to the event, you are entitled to everything that is included in that ticket. This includes any autos that are included in the ticket.
11. Do I get a break?
Yes. During the guests lunch break, all rooms except the talk hall will be cleared so you can gather your lunch. The talk hall will not need to be manned during this hour and those that are stewarding in that area are eligible to go for lunch at this time too. You will also be covered for toilet breaks, we just ask that you let your team leader know before you leave so they can get cover or make allowances for it.
12. Can I use the Green Room?
The Green Room is for the use of the guests only. It’s only fair that they get to relax for a bit so we ask that you please don’t enter the Green Room unless it is necessary in the course of your duties or a department head has asked you to.
13. The guest I’m sat with has a complaint/problem. What do I do?
Pass the complaint onto the head of guests. If the issue isn’t able to be resolved by them, they will escalate it up to management.
14. A visitor has a problem that I can’t help them with. What do I do?
Ask a team leader. They are likely to have the answers and, if they don’t, they will be able to find the information out for you.
15. Someone requires first aid. What do I do?
Contact the nearest team leader. We are in constant radio contact with each other and can make sure that the appropriate action is taken as there will be dedicated first aiders at the event.